Baby Boom: Branson unveils supersonic jet faster than Concorde

Ultra-low-power transistors could function for years without a battery

Abstract of Subthreshold Schottky-barrier thin-film transistors with ultralow power and high intrinsic gain

“If we were to draw energy from a typical AA battery based on this design, it would last for a billion years." --- Sungsik Lee, PhD, in the journal Science

Schematic cross-section of an Indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (IGZO) thin-film transistor
[inset: schematic illustrations of atomic structures for less compensated (left)
and more compensated (right) IGZO films, respectively]
(credit: Sungsik Lee and Arokia Nathan/Science)

Radiation in Space: The Real Story

South Atlantic Anomaly
South Atlantic Anomaly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What's the best Technology Stack?

WE ARE bombarded daily with an endless flow of "cool stuff" that no web developer or programmer could even use in a lifetime. So, what is the best technology stack to go with these days?

Server? Classic virtualized Linux? A "cloud app" server? Heroku? AWS? Azure?Database? Use Hadoop clusters? MySQL? Redis? NoSQL? Relational?Primary programming stack? PHP/jscript? RoR? Python? Java?

Use any frameworks for the API or build from scratch? Phalcon? Django? Node.js?Frontend framework? ext.js? Angularjs? ionic? None/Bootstrap?

If building a an app TODAY, what would you use and why?

Singapore is now the testing ground for the world's first self-driving taxis

Singapore is now the testing ground for the world's first self-driving taxis

Harley Davidson's newest ride

Single-cam Milwaukee-Eight 107 and 114 engines will replace the motorcycle company's twin-cam engine that debuted in 1999

check it out:


A Handy Reference List:


How to reset the root password:

1. Reboot the system.

2. When the boot loader menu appears use the arrow keys to select the distribution install you want to edit. Next press "A".

3. You will be given a grub prompt that looks like the following.
grub append> ro root=LABEL=/

4. Put the word "single" at the end of the grub append prompt and press enter. Note there is a space before the word single.
grub append> ro root=LABEL=/ single

5. The system will boot into single-user mode. At the prompt enter passwd root and enter the new root password.
sh-2.05# passwd root

6. Now reboot the server and you should be able to log back in as root.

  1. byte (B)
  2. kilobyte (KB) - 1000^1
  3. megabyte (MB) - 1000^2
  4. gigabyte (GB) - 1000^3
  5. terabyte (TB) - 1000^4
  6. petabyte (PB) - 1000^5
  7. exabyte  (EB) - 1000^6
  8. zettabyte (ZB) - 1000^7
  9. yottabyte (YB) - 1000^8
it is estimated that all the printed material in the world only takes up about five exabytes.
computing, data, size

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Domain Name Protection, Email Marketing, and IP Addressing

Steps to avoid having email domains blocked:

  1.  Consider using a service like Constant Contact ( to send out your newsletters. This will help you ensure that your emails are sent out safely and that you do not end up getting blocked.
  2.  Refrain from sending large images, attachments or creating messages that are composed solely of an image(s).
  3.  When employing tracking pixels (Web bugs or beacons), clearly state their presence in your public privacy or P3P policies.
  4.  Practice due diligence by being aware of the age of your email lists and refraining from sending to inactive accounts.

To find more information and useful tips on email best practices, go to:

Network address range
Default mask - - -

IP Classes

IP Address Classifications, IP Classes

Network address range
Default mask - - -

IP Subnetting


Donald Westlake, James Ellroy, and Dorothy Parker

Alt-Shift-G is the keystroke to take a screenshot on the Kindle2

.kindle, Keystroke, Shortcut, Keyboard

Mac OS X

For the quick thing (like in pre 2000 Pro systems), press 'cmd option esc'. For the full thing (like in 2000 and XP), go to Apps:Utils:Activity Monitor

Take a picture of the screen
Take a picture of the selection
Command-Shift-4, then press Control while selecting
Take a picture of the screen, place in Clipboard
Command-Shift-4, then Spacebar
Take a picture of the selected window
Force Quit
Restart, Sleep, Shutdown dialog box
Quit all applications and restart
Option-Command-Eject or

. ./.profile
echo $PATH
Mac, OS X, Unix